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“This guy has a voice like treacle and music in his soul… he’s the real deal.” Lyn Bowtell 2013.

A graduate of the Academy of Country Music, Tommy is continually broadening his experiences through music. Along with extending his own catalogue of original material, he continues to spend time writing for varied projects across multiple genres.

Returning to North Queensland to call home in 2019, Tommy has also joined a brand new musical collaboration – ‘Hot Dr’ fronting the band on vocals and guitar. The band soaring with musical experience from NQ music staples, Scott Ricketts (keys), Russell van den Bosch (bass) and Lyle Denman (drums).

.. and when Tommy takes the stage, it’s obvious that this is where he was born to be. With a rich, distinctive voice and a compelling stage presence Tommy Contor is an emerging star with an ability that transcends genres.

Tommy Contor

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